Adaptive Paddling Workshop

Adaptive paddling on Morro Bay


Adaptive Paddling Workshop

Anyone can attend this American Canoe Association adaptive paddling workshop (APW), which has been taught across the country since 1990 and at Bay Cliff since 1998. This course brings together certified instructors, recreational paddlers, and people with physical disabilities to promote recreational paddling opportunities for persons with disabilities.

The 4-day course for instructor participants includes on-water and in-classroom instruction and interactive learning with adults with disabilities. Learn what disabilities are, how to work with people with disabilities, what adaptive equipment is available, and how to adapt paddles, boats, and rescue techniques. Participate in real-time instruction with a student, which involves making adaptations, a pool session, and an open water paddling session. In addition, instructors will have an opportunity to update paddling skills and practice rescue techniques. This is a great workshop for certified kayak & canoe instructors, but instructor certification is not required to be an instructor participant. Recreational paddlers are welcome as well. Paddling experience is required.

Adults with physical disabilities who want to learn how to kayak can attend this workshop as student participants FREE of charge! Students attend the last two days of the workshop and receive paddling instruction and adaptations from the instructor participants. Skills are practiced in a pool and then on flat open water. Paddling experience is not required for students.

Tandem recreation kayaks are used with all equipment provided for the participants. 

Dates: TBD

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