Guided Hoop Netting for Lobsters October 1st -March 15th

Hoop netting from a kayak

An easy way to get lobsters is not by diving for them but using your kayak and hoop net! Our guided trip to Santa Barbara County beaches will get you in lobster territory. Basic instruction and use of 2 lobster nets are included. This is done at night so you need to be comfortable padlding a kayak. ( take our intro class first to get you ready for this). 

Each kayaker is allowed a maximum of 5 hoop nets per kayak and 7 total lobsters per night. An easy launch off the beach with baiting and dropping nets in shallow waters may yield a bounty of bugs. 

This is a guided trip with basics of hoop netting, helping with measuring and timing per net. You are welcome to bring your own nets in addition to the 2 provided. Please bring a hands free light, gloves to handle the lobsters and bag/bucket for your catch. 

Cost: $150  Need a kayak just add $25. 

(includes 2 hoop nets, bait, measure device and glow sticks. )

NOTE: A valid California fishing license and Lobster card are required. These can be purchased directly from